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    Standaard Respect thy elders...

    Or not ..

    He really thought he could react faster than my trigger-finger...

    This one goes into the box of photos to show his first girlfriend.. "Finn, a nice boy..?"

    Finn's dad.

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    Cool Re: Respect thy elders...

    superb shot

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    Standaard Re: Respect thy elders...

    Yes, he looks a lot like you.
    The two of you have much in common. He'll grow up after his father.

    This is a lad showing a lot of promise.
    Fotostudio Candela Zone

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    Standaard Re: Respect thy elders...

    that picture gonna haunt him for the rest of is life..

    Nice shot.. I like it a lot.. I think in B/W it will look better.. specialy because of the hard lights on his face..

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    Standaard Re: Respect thy elders...

    Verstandige vader die Treps

    Trouwens leuke foto

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    Standaard Re: Respect thy elders...

    goed bewaren voor later.
    wie niet spreekt wordt niet gehoord, wie niet schrijft wordt niet gelezen.

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