Crystal Vision Titanium Deluxe Super Wide Angle Lens With Macro

High Definition Digital Lens

Ook gekend als BOWER

  • Splinternieuw in originele doos! In perfecte nieuwstaat!
  • Montage van 72mm filters mogelijk
  • Stepping rings voor 30mm (o.a. Sony camcorder) en 58mm (o.a. 300D kitlens) montage bijgeleverd
  • Dit is dus een voorzetlens zoals zichtbaar op de foto in het voorbeeld (link hieronder)
  • Een voorbeeld van een gelijkend produkt kan u hier vinden, de correcte specificaties hieronder
  • Betaalde prijs : 350$
  • Afhaling mogelijk te Winksele (nabij Leuven)
  • Elk aanvaardbaar bod zal in overweging worden genomen

The Titanium Digital Optics multi-coated .42X lens for 46mm diameter is a professional grade, wide-angle converter that increases the angle of view, allowing the video or digital camera to take breathtaking ultra wide-angle shots.
This high-speed, fully automatic lens features multicoated optical glass, Day or Night Vision, Infrared Compatibility and comes with a macro converter for close-ups.
The lens attaches easily and directly to any camera or camcorder with a 46mm filter thread. An appropriate stepping ring will allow it to work with cameras having other size threads.
Power: 0.42x time conversion factor of your current lens setting plus a Macro mode.
Optical System:Conversion type; mounts on front of existing lens.
Mounting System:Screw type in front of existing camera lens into the filter accessory threads.
Opticsesigned to maximize use day and night with coated optics to provide maximum image transmission with minimum distortion.
Auto Focus:Utilizes camera auto focus system.
Adaptability:Maintains all the camera functions plus it provides 0.42X wide angle lens conversion power.
Macro:The Macro mode is accomplished by unscrewing the front lens assembly and using the section labeled Macro with your existing camera lens.