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9 december 2006, 21:46
HP heeft een gratis online cursus Photoshop CS2 voor gevorderden gepland. Hij start op 14 december 2006. In 4 lessen leer je :

Lesson 1: Simple image compositions and selection methods
This first lesson introduces you to special selection techniques that can help you overcome tricky selection problems. You'll also work with layers, gradients, and several other tools to create a simple image composition.

Lesson 2: Color and more
Photoshop's color features are all you need to turn good images into great ones. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use color correction techniques with adjustment layers, as well as use the Levels and Curves features.

Lesson 3: Layer masks and advanced vignettes
Enhancing your image is easy with layer masks. You'll use a simple layer mask to create special vignette effects to enhance your images. In addition, you'll create a simple composite image using layer masks.

Lesson 4: Complex composite images
Finally, you'll learn about complex composite images. You'll get an overview of composite images, including the skills and tools necessary to create great images. You'll also learn how to create a Photo Artistic complex composite image using a basic step-by-step approach.

Interesse ? : http://h30187.www3.hp.com/courses/overview.jsp?courseId=4413&hplcpsession=16a5f522a48f35a6ebdf01c00822

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10 december 2006, 12:27
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12 december 2006, 14:58
bedankt voor de tip :G