Volledige versie bekijken : Al iemand gewerkt met Asuka book

1 november 2006, 08:03
Al iemand ervaring met Asuka book? Op hun site zie ik nergens info ivm verzending... En is de kwaliteit inderdaad heel goed?

Tony smeT
1 november 2006, 08:07
En zoek de link lekker zelf :rolleyes:


Ziet er in ieder geval pro uit...

1 november 2006, 08:27
Eventjes verduidelijken: de site ken ik, ik heb reeds een login gekregen na goedkeuring van Asukabook. Maar bij oa "prijzen" kan ik geen verzendkosten terug vinden....

1 november 2006, 08:44
Asuka say they will only work with pro photographers, In reality I guess if you have a BTW number you can get an account.
Only then will they send you prices and order info.

I have spoken the Asuka guys at photokina, I set up an account with them soon after but still haven't tried them.

The books are about the best you will find though, there are a class above any of the "consumer" services out there. They really do look and feel good. Prices do reflect that though.

However, they are still a fraction of the cost of a pro-photo lab style digital book where you easily pay 7x as much, they take as long and from examples I have don't fit into my idea of how a photo albim should look.

The main that that has prevented me trying them so far is the 4-5 week delivery time. I'll get a demo book printed when i get the time, but I will certainly use them if a clent asks.

For the moment, Albumprinter has given me the best results for price quality. The print colours are very accurate indeed. Fast service and happy customers.

(I guess you already mailed them for port costs?)
Regards, Rob.

1 november 2006, 10:28
I already have my account and i see all the prices, but i can't see the price for shipping to belgium... i mail them for port costs.

1 november 2006, 11:04

ASUKABOOK is the best (maar heeft er ook zijn prijzen naar)

Al mijn klanten (die kwaliteit willen) raad ik deze leverancier aan.

Als je een account kan aanmaken bij hen, zou ik het zeker aanraden.